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The Hope Radio Rebuild

In April 2017, we were nearing construction completion when a severe storm ripped through Mango. There was damage to both roof structures and the radio tower was lost. Praise God that He has provided the needed funds to rebuild the Hope Radio roofs and raise the new 195 foot tower! 

In late January, two teams left for Mango, Togo to install the new radio tower and the solar power system. After 16 action packed days, Hope Radio had solar power for the first time and a tower for the second time. The solar panels are soaking up the sun, charging the batteries, and powering the equipment, lights, and air conditioning. The tower is straight, secure, and complete with lights, antennas, and cables. The teams also helped set up the transmitter and studio equipment in anticipation of the first test run. On Wednesday, February 14, Hope Radio passed the test! Exuberant dancing, shouting, and high fives spread among the Togolese and American workers in a spontaneous celebration. The test broadcast reached Ghana to the west, Benin to the east, the Burkina Faso border to the north and about 60 miles to the south.

Hope Radio on the air by March 13, 2018. Thatís the deadline set by the by the Togolese government. The success of these two teams, the Togolese workers, the previous teams, the Hope Radio missionary families, the ABWE/BBI partnership, and the faithful prayers and donations of hundreds of people like you, will enable the Gospel to go forth by this deadline. Please join us in giving all praise and glory to our Faithful God! Hope Radio is now broadcasting at 93.1. Funds are still needed to complete minor construction needs, roads, and irrigation system at Hope Radio.

HR-tower-install New 195' Tower! February 2018
Solar-install 15K Solar Install - February 2018
HR sunset new tower New roofs! February 2018

Storm of June 2017

Hope Radio - After the Storm

Many of you are aware that several months ago the area where Hope Radio is located was hit by an unusually strong storm. This storm caused damage throughout Mango, including the Hope Radio property. The extremely high speed winds destroyed the roofs on the studio and transmitter buildings. In the process of ripping the roofs off, one of the pieces of roofing material struck one of the guy wires supporting the antenna tower, cutting it. This caused the tower to twist and collapse, destroying it. We have been raising money to rebuild what the wind destroyed. The cleanup is finished and the rebuild has begun.

We are thankful for the project manager from the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) who arrived in Mango in August. On-sight assessments have been completed along with consultation with the project office to confirm new truss designs and materials to begin to rebuild the roof systems of the Hope Radio studio and transmitter buildings. Construction has begun to repair columns and materials have been ordered to manufacture steel trusses that will require a crane to install after the rainy season is over. Pray for the availability of an adequate crane to complete the task.

The preparation of a support structure for solar power will soon begin with installation of the solar panels planned for January, 2018. 

A new tower has been purchased and loaded into a container which will be shipped from the United States in October. New anchor points are being prepared to be poured upon arrival of the tower (about two or three months from now). Once the anchors are set and cured, the new tower will be erected. 

We are pleased to report that the license has been secured from the government of Togo which will allow us to begin broadcasting as soon as the rebuild is complete. Hope Radio Mango will go on the air at 93.1 FM! 

Continue to pray for the safety of all workers and for the Lord to provide the funds needed to complete the rebuild project. Many have already responded with generous gifts.


disassembling tower


disassembling tower


Andy, tower light


Twisted tower pieces


tower base after storm


electrical room


The electrical works!


Daniel installing audio wiring in on air


Andy training


Daniel training


First recording project!


First songs recorded!


Looking into on-air from studio


On-air room




Lights and fans



Daniel with electricians


Production Room 1


Production Room 1 sound panel install


Production Room 2


Office 1 of 3